For any transcript inquiries or to register, please contact
Mrs. Shannon Askew
Student Support Administrator
(Tel) 519-675-4431 ext.​21040 or email
(Fax) 519-675-4671
​Mrs. Mendonca-Nobre ​ALL ESL (A-Z)  
Mrs. Tyndall A - C (Grade 8 Transition Counsellor) ​21041
​Mr. Ziccarelli D - Mc 21042
​Mr. Hardy - Head of Guidance ​Me - Z 21043
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G​uidance​ and Career Education plays a central role by preparing students for a complex and changing world. The Guidance program has a specific focus on the learner, interpersonal, and career development with the following goals:
  • Teach career awareness early and throughout students' education;
  • Ensure that students have the skills they need to set and achieve their learning goals now and in the future;
  • Teach students the skills to make transitions throughout their lives, to work and/or further education and training;
  • Prepare students to live in an increasingly diverse society by helping them develop the ability to interact positively and work effectively in a range of settings.​​


Email your transcript request to
Please allow 3 business days for processing, you will be contacted by email to pick up your transcript.
The guidance office is open on modified hours and you must have an appointment with Mrs. Askew to pick up your transcript as we adhere to safety regulations to protect you and us.
GUIDANCE IS CURRENTLY CLOSED to visitors (Students and Parents)
Unfortunately, we are unable to fulfill same-day transcript requests. Request for Transcript (above application) must be completed and emailed to or your request cannot be completed.
We cannot email transcripts to personal email, only to post-secondary institution/employment agency if YOU provide name and email to send it to. Official hard copy transcripts must be picked up in person by appointment only. Instructions can be found on the application.