For close to 70 years, Catholic Central has been part of part of our school board, part of downtown London. Generations of Crusaders have walked these halls, worshipped together at school and at St Peter's Basilica, and learned from amazing staff and from each other.
Catholic Central truly is a place where the words on our cornerstone, laid in 1951 are alive – "Goodness and discipline and knowledge." We are grounded in our Roman Catholic faith and steeped in traditions, all of which make Catholic Central High School the wonderful school community it is and always has been.
As the stained glass surrounding the Chapel doors says – "The love of Christ has gathered us together"

Patron Saint

Mary became the patron of Catholic Central High School in September 1950. In the 1960's, an incredible mosaic was installed over the main entrance doors. It was created and installed by Attillio Giovanni Batista Natale Andrigo, an Italian immigrant. Mr. Andrigo's daughter, Diane (aged 14), was asked to draw a picture of the Madonna. This picture drawn by Diane was sent to Japan and a few months later a 2-foot rolled up picture of the design arrived. The mosaic consisted of 75,000 ceramic tiles imported from Japan. It took two years for the tiles to arrive, and two weeks to install.
For more than 40 years, our Madonna watched over Crusaders as they entered the school through the "Madonna Doors". In 1997 major renovations were underway to update and add more space to the then 47 year-old school.
Originally the Madonna was not included in the newly designed addition. The school community voiced concern about the importance of the Madonna to Catholic Central and work began to save this piece of art. It is now a beautiful reflection of our devotion to Mary on the wall of our Chapel.
Catholic Central was Blessed and officially Rededicated by Bishop Sherlock in October 2000. We celebrated Mass followed by a prayerful rededication ceremony involved our entire school community. In July 2005, CCH was rededicated to Mary in a moving prayer service in Lourdes, France as part of a Catholic Central Music tour to France and Spain.
Mary was called by God to become the Mother of Jesus. Her brave 'yes' to God has become our inspiration to serve. Catholic Central has a long history of service to others and of devotion to Mary our patron. We pray that our Loving God will be with us as we continue to answer the call of Mary to serve, to devote ourselves to our families and to put God at the centre of our lives in times of joy and of sorrow. Let us remember Mary – for her gentleness, her quiet strength, her wisdom, her love – and pray that she will lead us, guide us and help us to serve as she served. ​


The Chapel in our school is central to everything in our building; in the same way our faith should be central in our lives. The Chaplaincy Leader is available in an office located beside the Chapel, to serve as a listening ear in a safe, confidential place for students and staff.


Chaplaincy offers resources and support for students to help them deal with various issues, and sponsors outreach programs such as food drives, and other fund-raising activities, to raise awareness and contribute to helping others both inside and outside of our school community.


Throughout the school year, many opportunities are offered to our community to worship together through Masses and various liturgical celebrations. Classes are also welcome to plan and experience class Masses or prayer services in our Chapel.


Advent and Lenten Days of Reconciliation are offered where local priests generously come to the school to offer our community the opportunity to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Our annual Prayer Crawl and other prayer opportunities support our students as they deepen their relationship with our God.


We are extremely blessed to be able to celebrate our school Masses at St. Peter's Cathedral Basilica, to have St. Peter's Basilica as our Parish.

Parish Information

St Peter's Cathedral Basilica
553 Clarence Street
London ON


All of the full school Masses are celebrated at St. Peter's Cathedral Basilica. Students will be bussed directly to St. Peter's except for the Welcome Mass and Ash Wednesday where they will walk from the school.

Catholic Central School Prayer

Loving God - Through these halls, we walk with you.

Grant us the grace to find your light within us.

We stand before you –

The past, present and future of Catholic Central.

Teach us goodness – to embrace diversity.

Teach us discipline – that we may walk in your love.

Teach us knowledge – to live and to learn.

Blessed Mary, Patron of CCH,

guide us that we may follow your example –

To choose love over hate,

Good over evil,

Excellence over mediocrity.

Lord – watch over us and be with us on our crusade to deepen our faith. Amen


Catholic Central Prayer written by student members of our Peer Helpers, Student Council, Chaplain and Student Council Teacher Advisor.