Health and Physical Education

Healthy Active Living Graphic
The health and physical education curriculum promotes important educational values and goals that support the development of character. These include striving to achieve one’s personal best, equity and fair play, respect for diversity, sensitivity and respect for individual requirements and needs, and good health and well-being. These values are reinforced in other curriculum areas, as well as by society itself. Working together, schools and communities can be powerful allies in motivating students to achieve their potential and lead healthy, active lives.
The content and the setting of learning in health and physical education make it unique in a student’s school experience. Students are given opportunities to learn by doing. Their experiences in the program can include participating kinesthetically in activities in a gymnasium, in open spaces in the school, and outdoors; working with various types of equipment; working in a variety of group contexts; and discussing topics that have deep personal relevance and meaning. Students have opportunities to learn through creative work, collaboration, and hands-on experiences.