Cooperative Education

What is​ it?

Grade 11 & Grade 12 Students - Interested in gaining hands-on real work experience (a co-op placement is possible in many fields such as Health/Education/Trades/Non-Profit/) and earning 2 credits at the same time?

Who is it for?

Students who are heading for university, college, apprenticeship, or the workplace.

How does it help?

Students have the opportunity to:

  • Experience hands-on learning
  • "Test-drive" career options
  • See the relevance of their classroom learning
  • Develop the essential skills and habits required in the workplace
  • Gain valuable work experience to help build a resumé for post secondary programs and future employment​

Future Co-op Students & Application 2022-2023


I am Mrs. DiCola ([email protected]), and you are embarking on one of the most memorable and life-changing high school experiences of being part of a unique and tailored co-op experience. Each one of you will be in a class where all of you will be part of a different co-op workplace, meeting and working with new people and building your skills and knowledge.  Please complete the forms below that are required for acceptance and planning for your co-operative education placement. Plan for 20-45 minutes to complete the CCH CO-OP forms. Complete steps 1-4 below.


One of the most frequent questions and concerns students have is about their co-op placement- where you will work for two consecutive periods during a school day?  There isn't a list of placements where I just "place" you in.  You and I will work together to secure a placement.  You need to research where and why you want to work at a particular workplace (Application Form).  Co-op placements that are tied to CCH still require workplace interviews and often there may be more than one student applying for the same job.


Complete Steps:

Step 1: Select COPX3/4  course in myBlueprint- when choosing your courses for the following school year

  • Completing the application does NOT add the course to your schedule
  • Ensure to select the course early as it fills up quickly

Step 2:  CCH Co-op Application LINK HERE Due by April 1 (*This is NOT for LEAP or ELP)

  • Click on the above link to complete the application.  Please note that the placement section is only for preliminary planning and doesn't mean that is where you will work
  • Please note that specialty programs such SHSM Non-Profit/Hospitality & Tourism, the Navy/Military and London Hospitals (LHSC), London City Police have their own co-op application process (see Helpful Links found at the bottom of this page) that will need to be completed by May/June.  You will need to complete their online forms and respect their due dates.  Teachers are not permitted to complete these forms and we are not even given any updates on application status.  All communication is done with the organization and the student.  I can answer your questions, email me at [email protected]
    • NOTE: Police Co-op placements and Hospital Placements may look different due to Covid-19.
    • Police Co-op placements have not occurred during the pandemic.  An email will be sent to all students when/if a Police co-op placement opportunity arises. There is typically only one co-op opportunity. 


Step 3:   CCH Co-op Teacher Reference Due by April 15

  • You may have already done this as it was listed in your above application- just in case you missed it...Copy and paste this link and email both myself [email protected] and your two teachers of your choice (from this school year) that you feel would provide you with a strong recommendation to take co-op.  
  • Link to CCH Staff Email List
  • NOT REQUIRED for SHSM Non-Profit or SHSM Hospitality & Tourism students, as you have already been interviewed and accepted by the Lead Teachers.


Step 4:   CCH Regular Co-op Interview Questions LINK HERE Due by April 1

  • You will be contacted via email with the day and time of your interview and notified by email of acceptance into the program
  • You may complete the online link to be prepared for the interview