Cooperative Education

Department Head - Danny Santarella email:

What is​ it?

A program that allows students to apply two co-op credits towards their compulsory high school graduation requirements, with no limit on earning optional co-op credits.

Who is it for?

Students who are heading for university, college, apprenticeship or the workplace.

How does it help?

Students have the opportunity to:

  • Experience hands-on learning
  • "Test-drive" career options
  • See the relevance of their classroom learning
  • Develop the essential skills and habits required in the workplace
  • Gain valuable work experience to help build a resumé for postsecondary programs and future employment​

How to Apply for Coop:

  • Complete the application below.
  • The last two pages are teacher references which may be completed by two teachers of your choice. Teachers may complete and return to Mrs. DiCola's mailbox.
Individual interview will be conduct by the end of the school year.

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