Diploma Courses Program

The Diploma Courses Programme is presented as a minimum four IB subjects from the courses offered: language, social science, experimental science, mathematics, and/or a creative art.  Students may choose any combination of HL and SL courses. Additionally, all Course students are required to complete CAS (TOK and the Extended Essay are not core components). 


Course Options



Grade 11

Grade 12

1 – Language & Literature

English HL

English HL and

Studies in Literature HL

2 – Language Acquisition

French SL or

Spanish Ab Initio

French B or

Spanish Ab Initio

3 – Individuals and Society

American History HL or

Financial Accounting HL

World History HL or

Business Leadership HL

4 – Experimental Sciences

Chemistry SL and

Biology HL or

Physics HL

Chemistry SL and

Biology HL and Science HL or

Physics HL and Science HL

5 – Mathematics

Advanced Functions HL/SL

Calculus and Vectors HL/SL

6 – The Arts

Music (String or Vocal) HL or

Visual Art HL

Music (String or Vocal) HL or

Visual Art HL

  • French or Spanish
  • History or Business
  • Biology or Physics or Art
  • If taking Grade 11 French and Chemistry, grade 12 French or Chemistry must be taken in Grade 11
  • If taking Grade 10 Spanish and Grade 11 Chemistry, grade 12 Chemistry must be taken in grade 11
  • Double Grade 12 credits (Biology/Science, Physics/Science, English/Studies in Literature)