About ELP

The Environmental Leadership Program (ELP) is a one-semester integrated 4-credit program for grade 11 and grade 12 students in the London District Catholic School Board. Students explore environmental issues and learn about sustainable living through experiences while earning their grade 11 Biology, grade 12 Environment and Resource Management and two Co-Operative Education credits. Outdoor and hands-on learning projects with local partners helps to promote community building, leadership/citizenship development and a strong environmental ethic.

Please fill in and print the two applications below if you are interested in joining the ELP program

ELP Highlights

Program highlights include a winter camp near Lake Huron, a 1-week camping trip to Pelee Island and a 6-day wilderness canoe trip to Temagami. In total students spend at least part of 40+ days outside the classroom.

Students in the program stay together as a community for the entire school day in the second semester. This integrated program presents students with a combination of traditional academic studies and practical outdoor skills, offering students a unique perspective and format of learning with opportunities for potential career focus.

How to Apply

Students apply to ELP in grade 10 usually in the November – January time frame. Download and complete the ELP Application. Have two teachers fill in the reference form. Deliver your completed and signed application to the Guidance Centre, Mr. Brown or Mr. Van Lieshout. Here is a list of course you need to choose from when entering courses in Career Cruising - 


Students enrolled in ELP can earn a Specialist High Skill Major in the Environment that includes a special seal on their graduation diplomas. The SHSM is a Ministry approved program focused on skill development, experiential learning activities, sector-specific training and "reach-ahead" opportunities at Fanshawe College and Western University.


Training opportunities for students in the ELP includes first aid with a wilderness focus, CPR Level C, AED training, WHMIS, hike leadership, GPS certification, canoe paddling techniques, Leave No Trace awareness, habitat restoration skills and species identification.

For more information see the ELP Brochure above or contact Mr. D. Van Lieshout (519-675-4431; dvanlieshout@ldcsb.ca) or Mr. T. Brown (519-675-4431; tbrown@ldcsb.ca)