Music Parents Association

Music Parents Association:

As a volunteer organization we see our mandate as one of not only providing financial support and assistance to the Music Program at CCH, but also the following:

  • To materially increase the financial assistance provided for programs and to create a Legacy Fund.
  • To assist the staff in creating an environment so that CCH is the destination of choice for both students and staff for the Music Program.
  • To assist the staff in creating an extraordinary high school experience and memory for the students.

We call upon and request each parent to assist within three specific areas. We respect and appreciate your Time, Talent & Treasure.

Time and Talent:

From time to time we require extra hands to assist in a number of areas. Whether it is helping out with the tuxedos, baking treats for a concert, or volunteering at a fundraising event, please be ready and able to pitch in. If you have a talent that you would like to share with us or a proven fundraising idea, please contact any one of the MPA executive.


This is the biggest area in which we need assistance. Unlike a typical math or English course, the CCH Music Program receives only 15% of its budgetary requirements from the School Board. This is insufficient to maintain and provide the extensive and enhanced program in which all the music students participate. It costs a significant amount of money to purchase and repair instruments, provide sheet music, pay rental fees for concert venues, pay festival participation fees, transportation and more.  As such, to participate in the CCH Music Program, our expectation for student payments will vary depending on the demand for musical equipment and related expenses each year.  Generally payments will be in the $150 - $200 range for each student who in a music course and/or extracurricular group who will be performing. Please continue to monitor this website for updates.

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The MPA meets once a month on the first Wednesday of each month, starting at 6:30, and are held via video conference.

You may communicate with the MPA via e-mail [email protected].