Grade 8's Coming to CCH

The staff and students at Catholic Central High School are pleased to present:
CCH #ContinueTheTradition Tour
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CATHOLIC CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL IS OPEN TO LDCSB STUDENTS FROM - St. Jude (Lon), St. Martin, St. Mary's Choir & Orchestra School, St. Bernadette (Split with JPII), St. Michael, St. Sebastian (Split with RMC), Holy Rosary (Split with RMC), English as a Second Language student (residing in the boundary of CCH, RMC and STA) and students that are enrolled and stay all the way to grade 12 in the International Baccalaureate (IB) or Music Extension Program. We will be accepting registration packages until February 12, 2021, after this date our registration is closed. NON LDCSB students are required to use the FIND MY SCHOOL tool to locate their LDCSB school if not accepted to the IB or Music Extension Programs.
Ullrich Pietsch | Dean of Faculty of Science and Technology |  Crystallography Congress 2018 | Conferenceseries Ltd
find my school
Please complete the whole package and include:
Birth Certificate/Proof of Citizenship
Gr. 7 Final Report Card
Proof of address (household gas or hydro bill, or lease/tenant agreement)
***NOTE: The Ministry of Education has confirmed changes to the grade 9 math curriculum, as a result, MFM1P and MPM1D will need to be removed from the course selections and replaced with the new course code, MTH1W. This update will be made on our course selection sheet very soon.
***NOTE: Transportation is NOT provided to students that live in a split boundary area but choose to attend CCH. Transportation is only provided to students that attend their designated boundary school or are accepted and remain in a special CCH Program.
***Students applying for the International Baccalaureate (IB) or Music Extension Program should apply through the online registration (under Programs & Services) before completing a package below. Once the student receives their acceptance and the student commits to the program (four years), they may complete the full package below and submit it to You may be asked to submit some of the same documents to both CCH package and IB package, but this is necessary as both packages require the same information.